Friday, March 27, 2009

London turns 14!

London turned 14 this month and we celebrated with her friends at the Bruneel's shop. Huge thank you to Gaylene. This is the perfect hang out spot for teenagers!
Charlie's Angels


It's ridiculous how many kids, including London were sick this weekend, but in typical teenage form, suffered through and were party animals.

This is the funniest picture ever! Teenage boys, what can I say? I had to take this picture because they stayed like this for a long time and I kept checking to be sure that Bryce wasn't killing Easton but finally had to determine that Easton was actually enjoying himself and after a few minutes they moved on to something else.

Birthday Cake

Boys watching Twilight!

Cameron and AJ getting in a little exercise in.
It was a fun night. I was really impressed by what good friends London has and felt encouraged for the future as they get nearer to High School. I know how important a good peer group is during these years and these are good kids.


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday London. What a fun party. I can remember when she was born!

Korbi said...

until she turns 16.... :)

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
Varsity Soccer 2010

Isabelle the Ballerina

Isabelle the Ballerina
First pointe shoes


Hanging out on the potato piler