Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No time today . . .

I just took a moment to catch up on blogs I haven't read for a while. Which reminded me that I haven't written for a while. Like May. Who has time? Every day I reflect that my time is not my own. It is my husbands, my kids, my jobs, my calling, my house I'm trying to sell, but not mine. I think it will be mine again someday. When I ponder that it seems delightful. Sighhhhhhh . . . . . .

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tomorrow I turn 20 . . .again!

Tomorrow is my birthday. The big 40. I have really been trying hard to ignore it, or will time to come to a standstill. But unless this wind storm we are having causes the rotation of the earth to reverse and therefore reverse time, the inevitable is happening.
It seems 40 is that age where we reflect back on the life we have lived so far and take inventory. And on the report card of my life I am unsure of the grade I would give myself, I think at this point an "Incomplete" is right. That's OK. My 20's were a whirlwind of playing, dating, finding the man of my dreams, settling into the being married life, starting a family, the brink of discovering who I was. The possibilities were endless. (Notice I started with 20 and not my teens, I have teenagers and all I can say is that I should be grateful to have survived and call turning 20 a New Beginning, hee hee!)
During my 30's I gave myself over to my family. Raising them, caring for them, being mom. Now, they are far from raised but they are little more self sufficient. I think I can take a deep breath and let the pendulum swing. Like I said, in my 20's I was on the brink of discovering who I was. Now I know who I am as a wife, as a mom, as a cub scout leader, as PTA president.
Tomorrow is the day I discover who else I am. The possibilities are still endless.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My sweet boy!

My Brennan is all boy. Again - ALL BOY!!!! I love it. He goes all day long and it is torture in the winter months when he is housebound, it's truly like living with a caged animal. If you have sons I'm sure you understand completely.
The only thing that can tame the beast is illness. And unfortunately he has been down for about 3 days now. This is when I see his sweet, tender side. He never complains, is grateful for anything I do for him and just lies there with his sore throat and fever. I am grateful for the reprieve from his endless energy for about a minute and then I feel bad.
This morning he woke really, I mean really, early, like before 5 am, and put himself out on the couch without bugging anyone. Trent thankfully heard him and went to check on him. Trent took the opportunity to give him a blessing, which touched me so much. Just a quiet moment between father and son. Trent told me later what he had done, I know he knew it would make me feel better. So I asked Brennan if his dad had given him a blessing. He said he had and that it made him cry a little. I took the moment to explain that when we feel the spirit sometimes it makes us emotional. We know what is happening is right and that Heavenly Father hears that blessing and knows that we need comfort. I asked him if it made him feel better and he said "yes".
What a sweet boy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Educate yourselves, ladies.

My contribution to the Cleverly family is to work at Pioneer Pit Stop Lube & Oil,which is owned by my parents,and in doing so I provide health insurance for our family. My job duties are as follows:
1. Welcome you to the Pit Stop and find out why you are there. I know it seems like a no brainer. Like, duh, I'm here for an oil change, hello?! But there are many other things we do there so it is an imperative question.
This is when I will usually answer any questions about your vehicle or convey concerns to the Lube Techs.
2. Input your vehicle information into the computer.
3. Then I am the "detail" person. I vacuum, check tire pressure and wash your windshield.
4. When I am finished with those duties, I will probably fill the vehicle up with oil. Then I start it and check that the oil pressure has come up.
5. Finally, I will cash you out, making sure you know and understand everything that was done or is recommended to be done to your vehicle. Take your money and ask you to have a nice day.
Sounds pretty simple, mostly, but somedays it can be very busy and I feel like I am running like a headless chicken. If you have ever seen a headless chicken you no there is no rhyme or reason to where they run.
I don't like my job every day especially in the winter when it is cold and wet. We service a lot of big trucks which have dual tires in the rear. You know, two tires on each side, and they are a PAIN to check the pressure on. Sometimes I am literally laying on the ground trying to check them and I am thinking to myself . . . a lot of things but I won't post that here.
Somedays I feel good about what I do, especially when I can help someone out, which is why I am writing this post.
So ladies this is for you. You NEED to know about Your vehicle. Even if you have a man in your life who takes care of all of that for you. Because, and you may not want to hear this, but that man might not always be there. I have seen this so many times when older ladies will come in after their husband has passed away and they are clueless and a little scared. Or like the customer, true story, who came in asked if we could show her how to check her oil. She said to me, "Yeah, I used to have a husband who did this, but he ended up being a cheater!"
I'm not trying to be doom and gloom, but I have also had husbands come in to our business steaming mad because their wives took their car to another oil change place and ended up buying parts or having a service done that the husband had already taken care of. The women were completely manipulated and that really makes me mad!!!!!
So here are my car care tips for you:
1. You are in charge of your vehicle. Don't let anyone guilt you or manipulate you into a service or part you are unsure of or comfortable with. If you are on top of the maintenance of your vehicle nothing should ever have to be done TODAY. Take the time for a 2nd opinion.
2. Know your vehicle. Pop the hood, get a good look under there. There is a sticker in your engine compartment called a catalyst sticker. It has the year and engine size on it, you should know this, along with Make and Model. Look at the oil cap. Most vehicles will tell you what weight of oil is recommended for your vehicle. Most newer Chevrolet's are 5w30. Fords are 5w20. Some newer Chrylsers are 10w30. Diesel vehicles take 15w40. Find your oil dipstick it is usually yellow. Your transmission dipstick is usually red or black.
3. You should know how to check both your engine oil and your transmission fluid. Most service places should check your fluids at no charge between oil changes. Do this, and when you do, ask them to show you how to check your vehicle.
Also, know where your coolant/radiator fluid is and know what kind of fluid you take. There is usually a minimum fluid level and if it drops below, which it will, it should be topped off, back to the minimum level. Know the temperature rating. Ideally, coolant should test to 34^ below zero with a boil point of 265^.
4. You should know the maintenance schedule for your vehicle. For instance, usually you should change your oil every 3,000 miles. Changing your transmission fluid might be every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Most coolants have a 5 year/150,000 mile lifespan, but not all. All these recommendations can be found in your owners manual.
5. If you drive an SUV, there are 2-3 gear boxes underneath that run your 4 wheel drive. A front and a rear differential and a transfer case. The fluid in these need changed periodically as well. Your owners manual should provide you with a recommendation. But a reliable lube tech should also be able to tell you by appearance how those fluids look.
6. Tires. You should know the maximum tire pressure for you vehicle and know what the recommended pressure for that tire is. For instance, the maximum cold tire pressure on my tires is 44 psi (pounds per square inch), I keep mine at 35 psi, but anywhere from 32 - 40 is okay, it is kind of a preference. Large trucks might have a max psi of 80 and be inflated to 60 psi.
7. Lastly, at least for today, is know what you are buying. Some vehicles require basic parts, oil etc. where others require fancy everything. For instance, some Cadillacs need regular oil and a common oil filter. Other Cadillacs need synthetic oil and a fancy oil filter. Both these things can drastically increase the cost of an oil change. Also some newer vehicles have what we call a "Dealer Check" transmission, which means there is no access for us to check the transmission, which also means we cannot service it. The dealership will have to check and service that transmission. This will cost you a lot more money, usually, than to have it serviced by a quick lube place.
Like I said, most places, if they value you as a customer, will take the time to help you get educated about your vehicle and the more you know the more control you have. As they say, knowledge is power and peace of mind.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Killing me with compliments - literally!

So I have decided that as 40 quickly approaches, like at mach speed, I need to take a little better care of myself. So last Monday I took Isabelle's ballet costumes off the treadmill, dusted it off and actually used it for which it was designed. Four times last week actually. I pat myself on the back.
Today, we had a memorial birthday party for Trent's dad at Chico's, Bruce's favorite place to eat. I felt especially pressed to break the old treadmill out tonight after a couple of those pieces of pizza. If you are from Moses Lake I need not say more.
Isabelle read the telltale signs - hair in a pony tale, bangs pulled back in a head band, tenny's and yoga pants, and asks "Are you going to exercise, Mom?"
"Yes I am Isabelle."
"So, how's it going?" she genuinely asks, followed by an appraising look up and down, then says, "you look -pause- better?!"
Thanks a lot Isabelle.
Get on treadmill.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A regular appearance?

I am having "issues" with my job! So my thought to create some interest for myself back in my job I have decided to try doing a regular post about it. Believe it or not, some interesting and hilarious things happen around here. Because as "The Doors" say "People are Strange" and can make for some interesting antecdotes.

I say "try to do a regular post" as I'm not predisposed to doing anything "regularly" that isn't life sustaining. You know, things that are controlled by the cerebellum (isn't that the part of the brain that controls things like breathing, heart beat, blinking, etc?).

Anyway, first post:

With the Christmas holidays over and spring looming around the corner, wishful thinking, Trent is feeling that urge, I swear only farmers feel, to work. So today he was at the shop "working". When he got home, I went up to him to give him a hug and kiss, wrinkled my nose, and said, "You smell like exhaust!" He looks at me and grins and says, "You smell like oil. Hmmmm, 10w30?" Nice, uggghhh.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catch a tiger by his toe . . .

How would life be if all our decisions were made by a quick round of "eenie meenie miney moe . . ."???

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
Varsity Soccer 2010

Isabelle the Ballerina

Isabelle the Ballerina
First pointe shoes


Hanging out on the potato piler