Sunday, August 18, 2013

Auto- [in]correct

I think my IQ has dropped a few points in the short year and a half since I got my new "smartphone". It has also reduced me to throwing temper tantrums like a frustrated 2 year old. All because of auto-correct. My phone is supposed to be smart and I mistakenly assumed it would make me smarter. Wrong. I am now a bad speller with horrible grammar. This is a problem. You see, I am a fantastic speller with generally above average grammar. I take great pride in this. I've always been a very good speller. I was the annoying kid in elementary school who got to do self-motivated classwork in language arts and spelling because I was so far ahead of my peers. The kids 4th grade teacher always has the "Dreaded: They're, their and there" test. Ha! Not dreaded by me!  But now I have a smart phone and it thinks it's smarter than me. Making word choices for me assuming I don't know what I'm talking about.Then if i forget . . see I just did it . . .my smart phone would have autocorrected that i to an I.. Oh and the double period. Another bad typing habit picked up because of "smart" phone use. As I was saying, if I forget to proofread my text or email I have ended up sending the most ridiculous texts or emails. Some so ridiculous they have to be followed by an explanatory text or email.
For example, I was talking to my good friend about some of the many important life skills one can learn on Duck Dynasty. We were planning a goat shopping trip and then learning how to cook squirrel brains when this happened:
Me: Well if we're going to cook squirrel brains, then we should also catch, kill, selfless and cook some bullfrogs.
Me again: Not selfless, de-hide!!
And again: The art of ripping he skin inside outbid a bullfrog. A lost art.
The illiteracy was rampant that night!!!!

Then while texting London's new college soccer coach I say:
Just got Jose last couple of messages. I'll have her get in touch with you if necessary.

Coach John: Kim, this is John, not Jose.
Aye carumba
Yes those not Jose!!!
I end up screaming at the palm sized device like an absolute loon!

Okay really, I know they could be worse. I've seen worse and of course, auto-correct mishaps have spawned a website just for the purpose of sharing those "D%#n" auto-corrections. But I'm terrible at science and deplore math. All I've got are my good spelling skills. So rest assured, I will prevail in the tug of war of words between me and my phone!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Musings on Monday

*I heard a quote last week that has inspired me. I'll confess it was while watching Bones and was said by the new southern accented intern but still, I liked it! He said, "God gave us words, it's up to us to give them wings". Yep. I liked it. It gave me justification for being a talker. It drives my husband and brothers crazy because they just want me to get to the point. But I feel any story worth telling is worth telling well. Just ask my roommates at Ricks College. 

*This weekend was amazing!!!!   Friday I sent Brennan off on his first "Boy Scout Camp out". Preparing for this I learned that Brennan may be a little OCD. He had his list of things to bring and spend the whole week going over this list nagging me to death about things like a first aid kit and a tarp. Trent was not buying my declaration that I have the "girls" covered it was his turn to handle this "scouting" thing. Problem is I am probably a little OCD myself and Trent is NOT and I don't really like how he prepares for things like this, so although in theory I want him to take control, I don't.  Well I really do, but I want it done with my same attention to detail.  But he got there with every thing he needed. Trent and Brennan froze to death and Brennan was wide awake at 5am ready to fish, and later fell asleep in the tractor while Trent was plowing. Too cute I say!!
* Friday night while London was visiting friends and the boys were off on their camp out, I bribed Isabelle with an Orange Julius if she would help me in the yard. Worked like a charm which is great since Isabelle has a "learning disability". She has a very hard time understanding that she is not the Queen of England or any "land"  for that matter and that yes, she does have to do manual labor on a daily basis. She really must have wanted that Orange Julius. So we worked in the yard for about and hour and got one section of the flower beds groomed and pruned and she talked my ear off the whole time. It was delightful. In case you were unaware or forgot the life of a 14 year old girl is tricky, so I was so happy to be privy to her thoughts and feelings during this time together. 

*Saturday. Off to the Pasco Invite. This was a big day for London. The Pasco Invite is essentially an elite high school track athlete event. 100 schools attended and the general rules are that the athlete has to qualify by time or mark, depending on running or field events and each school usually can only send 1 athlete in each event, although I did see some exceptions to this rule.Why I don't know. Anyway London was lucky enough to be eligible to compete in 4 events. BIG DEAL!!!! She ran the 200m (not her best event) and placed 20th out of 40. Respectable finish. Then the 4x100 relay team competed and placed 5th out of 40 but the girls broke the school record for the 3rd time this season! (They are currently 1st in the Big 9 and 2nd in the State) It was amazing, but it gets better! The 400m is London's best race and she has been working really hard to improve her time this season. She won her heat, did set a personal record by almost 1 second and made it on the medal stand by taking 8th Place!!! I know this may not sound like that big of a deal but again I remind you there were 100 schools there. Her new time puts her in 1st place in the Big 9 and 2nd place in the Big 9/GSL (our region). She may be looking at State in 2 events!!!!!! So proud and happy for her!!! 

*Church. Our church schedule has been so strange the last couple of months. The building we go to was being remodeled so we met in our gym instead of the chapel. And instead of our normal Mormon schedule of 3 hours it was cut to 2.5 so there was no overlap in wards meeting. Then we had our semi-annual General Conference the first Sunday in April, so we watch our leaders from Salt Lake speak to us via satellite. Then we find out our building remodel was facing some serious setbacks that left it unusable for a week or 2 while they remedied it. They shuffled the wards from our building to other buildings Easter Sunday and we all had 1 hour, not 3, of church.No problem. Yesterday remodel issues almost fixed, we can use the chapel but not classrooms so again 1 hour of church, not 3. Oh and by the way, "Come back at 5pm for a meeting where we will rearrange ward boundaries." Whammo.We haven't met together as a ward for almost a month and we find we are being split up. This happens because the church in our communities grow and change. Some wards become overly large and need to be pared down while some, for whatever reason, shrink and we like to keep them as equal as possible, therefore boundary changes. We know it happens, you can start to predict the happening of it, but it is hard nonetheless. So next Sunday, we should be back to 3 hours of church with some new faces. It's going to be great!!

*Money. Yep I went there. I've just been thinking a lot lately about it like I'm sure a lot of you are. Gas and food prices are ridiculous and I have teenagers which is the definition of expensive. So I have been trying to think of ways to save and SAVE. I'm good at paying our obligations everything is paid on time and our kids get to participate in extra-curricular activities that do require some expense on our part. But I am bad at paying ourselves.
So, how do you save money? What are your tips for saving on food, gas, etc and how do you save for a rainy day?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Claim the Privilege . . .

Sunday was like foot race to the pulpit for testimony sharing in our ward. We have some very eager youngsters who are very faithful in their monthly testimony bearing. So if you don't have a great start off the line you may not get a chance. Apparently I was a little sluggish as time ran out and I had not managed to find my way to the pulpit. Normally, I wouldn't care but I have a few things nagging me about it this month. So I decided to share my thoughts here so at least it's written down for posterity.
We recently attended a funeral of a family friend. She graduated high school with Trent and has children who are friends with Isabelle and Brennan. This funeral service was held at a church that was not our denomination. That's okay. However, they worship in a way we are not accustomed and I would on occasion get a glance from one of my kids with a "Is this okay?" look in their eyes.
It was a great opportunity to discuss the 11th Article of Faith.
"We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience and allow all men the same privilege. Let them worship how, where, or what they may."
On Sunday morning, since we have 1:00 pm church, I have been watching on BYUTV a program called "Our Savior in the Gospels". This is a program where BYU religion professors discuss the Savior in the Gospels, in case that wasn't obvious. But it has been fascinating to listen to their insight and deeper meaning about Christs actions and teachings in the last few days of His life on this earth. I realize there is so much I don't know, but I also learned something very important.
The way we worship, what we do each Sunday, how we sing our hymns, how we pray, how we take the sacrament and how we reverence Him and our Heavenly Father are because that is how Jesus Christ taught us. Exactly.
I find peace in knowing this is truth.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I don't Hate BYU . . .

I have a dirty, little secret . . .
I love
Specifically Gonzaga Men's Basketball.
I have watched them for a few years now, back when Adam Morrison played for them, onto Matt Bouldin, to Steven Gray and now David Stockton.
They are a local team, as local as you can get for little old Moses Lake. Neither I, nor any member of my family has attended there. I just like them.
So, as any true blue fan should, I faithfully cheer them on every year, into the finals and hope and yes, pray that they will go as absolutely far as they possibly can through the NCAA tournament. My bracket this year has them proudly in the Final Four. (I have not picked a champion yet)
I did see a very small dilemma when I realized that there was a good probability they would face BYU. But honestly, I knew from the very beginning my efforts at cheering would be directed to "MY TEAM" . . .Gonzaga. My brothers, the sports aficionado's that they are, have always taught me that you have to be true to "your" team. So I was.
But why not choose BYU? I have absolutely nothing against BYU. But here in Moses Lake I can't watch their games. At least not on any channel I get. Also, I don't happen to be an alum nor is any member of my family. My dad went 1 year. Really, if I were to root for anyone

Steven Gray

it should be Oregon State.
I do think Jimmer is a very amazing player! Is there anywhere on the court where he can't make a shot? It didn't seem like it Saturday night.
I was not a Jimmer fan Saturday night and found my dislike was met by quite a bit of hostility!!!!!
So I am here to clarify, I have NOT Apostatized. I DO NOT HATE BYU OR JIMMER! I will be cheering the BYU Cougars on in their next game and as far as they will go. But . . . even next year . . .when BYU joins the WCC, I will be cheering on

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
Varsity Soccer 2010

Isabelle the Ballerina

Isabelle the Ballerina
First pointe shoes


Hanging out on the potato piler