Sunday, March 15, 2009

Car Conversations

It's that time of year when I don the hat of a chauffeur. It's soccer season and I do have to say "Glory be . . ." for carpooling or I might have to figure out how to do laundry from the Barney-mobile.
Conversations between 8 year old boys is always entertaining. The following is one overheard this past week.

Clueless Kid - Brennan (I was sooo proud)
Story Teller - Austin Hyer
Clue Giver - Myself
Innocent Bystander - Brandon Wood

Story Teller: "Brennan, do you know Brandon Wood, he played on the MoJo's?"
Clueless Kid: (thoughtfully) "Hmmmm, Brandon Wood? Brandon Wood?"
Story Teller: "He's my cousin."
Clue Giver: "You remember Brennan, he was in your preschool? The one with the red hair?"
Story Teller: "Yeah, he has red hair!"
Clueless Kid: "Hmmm, Brandon Wood. He has brown hair?"
Clue Giver: (exasperated) "No! Red hair!"
Clueless Kid: (excited) "Oh! Brandon Wood! He was my best, best, best, best friend!"

Gotta Love that Kid!

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