Friday, April 3, 2009

Attention all Redfords!

Sorry to everyone who is not a REDFORD as this post is for them.
The calling tree is not working well for this event so I am posting all info on my blog.


We are so excited to have everyone together this weekend and these are some of the plans and assignments:

1. Sunday dinner after conference: Potato Bar, bring a topping to put on top. Grandma has chicken nuggets for little kids. (In your comment please let me know if you have an idea of what you will be bringing)

2. Easter egg hunt - bring a couple bags of candy to share and 1 dozen empty Easter eggs per kid in your family.

3. I know Kim wanted to do Jaselynne's birthday, but I was thinking that we could do Feb, March and April, for those who have missed birthday's, so this would include Anne, Savana, London, Jaselynne, Jaeger, Jeff and DJ, tell me what you think.

4. FHE - Anne, I believe you said you had an idea for FHE, do you need help with anything?

Thanks everyone and see you soon!


Anne said...

-We'll bring sour cream and little tomatoes for the baked potato
-plastic eggs x5
-candy to fill
-FHE lesson
-birthday celebration
GOT IT, Thanks!

Anne said...

dont forget DJ and Jeff's bday too!

The Gang said...

#1 Chili and onion to fry up.
#2 Stopping by the dollar store later.
#3 Fine by me. Happy Birthday everyone!
#4 Not for me but I'll make sure and be reverant. My contribution to Anne!

DJ and Melissa said...

We will bring whatever we need to get Saturday night. I'm thinking chives and bacon. We will bring candy even though we don't have children. We will be reverant also. Oh and we're getting presents in DC but we'll join in singing happy b-day!

Kimberley said...

I am baking the potatoes

Stacey said...

Uh, looks like things are covered, we'll bring 3 hungry people.
Alright we are planning on bringing a grilled vegetables side.
Candy, Candy
and plastic eggs.

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
Varsity Soccer 2010

Isabelle the Ballerina

Isabelle the Ballerina
First pointe shoes


Hanging out on the potato piler