Thursday, April 30, 2009

O, to be like Luna Lovegood

We have been pondering our self worth in the Cleverly home these past few weeks.
Some are entering that phase of life when their self esteem takes a beating on a daily basis and friends don't always treat us how we think we should be treated.
Disclaimer: If your child is a friend to a Cleverly kid, please know that I appreciate everyone of them and KNOW what great kids they are, so please do not be alarmed by this post.
A discussion was needed, because the "Pity Party" was going on way too long.
Our own personal flaws were discussed to remind us that we are not perfect and if we are not perfect should we expect our friends to be perfect?
With chagrin, No.
Maybe a friend doesn't react exactly the way we would like, but should we be oversensitive, which leads to dwelling, which is the invitation to start the "Pity Party"?
No! Unless you are Satan.
Heavenly Father wants us to be tolerant and forgive.
But how?
This is where Luna Lovegood comes in. I hope you know her from Harry Potter. She is cooky and quirky, but most of all self-knowing. Her self-knowing is not something you immediately see. It's camoflauged by her downright weirdness, but when you take time to look past the weirdness and really get to know Luna, that's when you see it. She knows who she is which enables her to NOT dwell on the snickers and comments and names that are directed her way. She is happy with herself.
Now don't get me wrong. I don't necessarily want my kid to be quirky to the point of being weird. I do want them to feel free to be who they are and not worry about every real or perceived injustice. To love themselves. To know they are a daughter of God, that they are talented and likeable and that most of the time they are a good friend. (Remembering that we are not perfect, but we are trying.)
I know this will be a task, we are all self-centered and want the world to go perfectly our way, but it doesn't.
So when the "Pity Party" starts up, remember Luna.

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Anne said...

Speaking of Harry Potter doesn't the next movie come out this summer?
Love the the Luna thought!Seriously though my nieces are so cute and my kids always praise their name in admiration on the way home from hanging out with them. Can you get any better than that?!

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