Sunday, August 30, 2009

Conversing with Rock Stars

Those who live around here may know my friend Nathan Albright. Nathan P. Albright, Attorney at Law to be exact. I'm not sure what the "P" stands for but I like to think it stands for Phineas. If you know him, then there is no explanation necessary for this post. If you don't, then let me just say, that what he did to me last night is totally something one should expect from him.
Nathan and his lovely wife Triscia were invited to an event last night featuring the band "Saving Abel". They didn't really want to attend but tickets were free and felt obligated, so they had London babysit while they went. Now, they had had a long but enjoyable day visiting a local Hutterite colony and Nathan was fighting a migraine so Trish was fairly certain that they wouldn't be gone long. You know, just make a token appearance and leave. Well, this was fine with me as London's mom because she had a long week with soccer tryouts and everything that went along with that this week, including a camp out that ended in a 4 mile run.
At about 10:30 pm last night my phone rings and caller ID says it's Nate. The phones won't connect so I'm yelling into my phone "Nathan!! Can you hear me?"
To which Brennan asks, "Is he drunk?"
I laugh, think about it for a second and say "No, I don't think so. I mean, no."
When he finally got through he tells me to hang on a second and then hear, "Hi, this is Scott from Saving Abel."
We proceed to have a very normal conversation about what a nice time he is having, including the fact that he is drunk and very happy about that. To which I reply, "Well at least you're happy about it." He says he is enjoying our lovely little town but that is quite different from Memphis, which I agreed that Memphis is probably quite a bit different from Moses Lake. And then he wanted to know if it would be OK for Nate to stay out a little bit longer since the party was just getting started.

I informed him of the week London had had, making sure to mention that my freshman daughter made the varsity soccer team, to which he was duly impressed, therefore it should really be her decision. He agreed and after a few obligatory "Nice talking to you's" he hung up.

All I could do was chuckle, shake my head and wonder why I should even be surprised. After all that is totally something Nathan would do.


Kathy said...

That is so funny!!!!!!

Mindy said...

Congratulations to London, wow!

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
Varsity Soccer 2010

Isabelle the Ballerina

Isabelle the Ballerina
First pointe shoes


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