Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Thoughts . . .

Good News!!! London made the Varsity Soccer Team! I am so excited for her, soccer is her love and I am thrilled she made Varsity as a freshman.

That was the happy thought. The others are more contemplative based on sad news.
One of our employees was killed in a car accident last weekend. He ran straight into the back end of a very large truck that was lit up like noon day. There was no attempt at braking or turning, just straight into the truck. I don't know if he had been drinking I think he definitely fell asleep and now he's gone. I'm sad for me because he was a genuinely nice person. Everyone, I kid you not, everyone knew him and liked him because he was very likeable. I'm sad for his kids because they will now have to journey their life without their dad. But I am the most sad for him. I know how much he loved life. He was a huge HS football fan, he DJ'd, he had a ton of friends and he adored his two girls and treated his step children like they were his own. So I have spent this past week pondering his grief. Does he grieve like we grieve for him? I know he is surrounded by those who have gone before him, but does that help in any way? I know we all die. For some it is at the end of a long and fulfilling life and although I'm sure we hate to leave those we love here I think we are ready for what is to come next. But at such a young age, do we mourn this life in heaven?

My final thought is about Stephanie Nielsons blog, NieNie Dialogues. I happened upon this blog several months ago and was immediately struck by the faith and love her family has for her and each other. When I first started reading I quickly learned that Stephanie and her husband had been in a terrible plane accident August of '08 and she had been burned over 80% of her body. Her family kept her blog going, reporting on her progress and finally Stephanie began posting herself. Some posts were postive and full of gratitude for life, family, her husband, her four darling children, Heavenly Father, etc. Others were frustrated and devastated and painful to read. But last week on the anniversary of her crash she posted a picture of herself. Previous pictures of her show a young, dark haired, freckle-faced, blue eyed beautiful girl. Now those freckles are gone replaced by the tell-tale scars of a burn victim.
I had mixed emotions. I was really proud of her for being so brave. I was in awe of her for being so brave. I was happy that there is a beauty about her. But I was also mad for her. She was a strikingly beautiful woman. I know it seems petty. When you read her words, her inner beauty exudes from her. But I am so sad that she only got that body for such a short period of time and will now be faced with the physical pain and limitations she has because of all the scar tissue. The stares she will face from those who might never know what she looked like before. It doesn't seem fair. I know life is not fair. This is her trial to face and she is facing it with dignity. But that is my thought for NieNie, that it doesn't seem fair.


Kathy said...

Happy for London and sad that you emplyee died. That is so sad. You should put Stephanie Nielson's blog site on your blogs, so we could all see it.

Kimberley said...

It is. You can find her button on the right side of the screen. It says "I read NieNie". Just click on it and it will take you there. Her sisters "CJane" is below and she has an excellent blog as well.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I think you summed up my thoughts on NieNie pretty well. I read her recent posts and saw her pictures and I really did feel sad for her, she really looks nothing like the beautiful person she did look like, but from the sound of it she has a wonderful family and husband that recognize her inner beauty...I just hope other people can recognize that too, but I understand the sadness, I felt really sad for her.

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
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Isabelle the Ballerina
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