Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Thoughts . . .

*Quote for the day: Being the first Sunday of the month it's fast Sunday, which personally I think is horrible the day after Halloween. But anyway Trent catches Brennan eating a KitKat before church and says, "Brennan, don't you remember it is fast sunday?" "Yes", says Brennan. "I just need a little snack."

*I have no blinkers in my van right now, so we have resorted to using arm signals until we can figure out what the problem is. Completely humiliating. I'm glad we have been reviewing hand signals in cub scouts for bike safety.

*Chiefs Girls Soccer is going to regionals for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!! Soccer has been exhausting, expensive, frustrating and totally worth it. We are proud of London for making varsity as a freshman. She has had some growing pains with this new adventure but she has done pretty well for the most part.

*I am the pianist in Relief Society. I love to play the piano, but not for other people. Most of my piano skill is self taught. I have a decent amount of musical education but not a lot of actual piano lessons. Little story . . . I decided to take lessons at Ricks when I was there, so signed up. I showed up to lessons the first day to find we had team lessons. The other girl had obviously had years of piano lessons so I went from feeling fairly proud of my piano skills to completely pathetic. I don't remember much about lessons for the rest of the semester but the "Recital" will be forever etched in the "Most embarrassing file" for the rest of my life. I showed up to the recital with my faithful roommate. I think I was last and followed wonderfully, complicated piano pieces. I really wanted to climb under the chair I was sitting on and become completely invisible, but no such luck. Resigned I sat down and played my piece. Variations of Clair de Lune. All I can remember is mine was that piano piece that everyone politely sits through yet can't wait until it's over. My friend and I laughed all the way home. Anyway, today was another one of those days. I swear I'm like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of pianists. I wasn't told what songs we were singing until I walked into relief society. Sometimes this is ok, but not today. The opening song was Have I done any good? and I couldn't get one note right, it was all I could do to keep from rolling on the ground laughing during the song it was so horrible. They would have been better off singing a capella. The practice song was Because I have been given much. I love that song and didn't miss one note. I even had crescendos and decrescenos. The last song was Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd, nearly as bad as the first song. Somedays I am just so glad when the last note is sung, amen is said and I can put my hymn book away and call it good!

*I tried to make a witch hat out of cake for the Bruneel's annual Halloween party (good times!). I saw Paula Deene do this on her show. Pretty easy or so she made it seem. So I got up and made the cake before we headed out to the soccer game. When we got home I tried to put the layers together that form the hat but my cake was super crumbly. How on earth does one screw up a boxed cake mix? Anyway as I'm frosting it the cake is falling apart. I exclaim to Trent, "My cake is a disaster!" He comes and looks at it and says "Sure is Babe!" I quickly gave up. I did not have time to deal with that. I tasted it later that night, and although it was falling apart and looked terrible it tasted pretty good. So when Trent wanted to throw it away I wouldn't let him thinking the kids might enjoy it still (Brennan had made a token attempt at redeeming it for me, what a good boy!). Well Trent just announced that my cake was starting to look like the Sorting Hat.

*We have a couple new pets around here, thank you Trent. Crayfish. You probably didn't know crayfish could be pets did you? Well apparently you can when you have a 9 year old son in the house. He has been feeding them hot dogs. They are outside on the back patio in a tub. We had 3 but one died so now we have 2. Brennan disected the dead one, so in the tub are 2 crayfish and crayfish parts. I'm not sure how long we will be able to keep those 2 since we have a neighborhood cat that keeps trying to "fish" in the tub. I'll keep you posted!

*Reviewing this post I'm noticing a trend. It could very well be I need to learn a few things about pride. I guess I better ponder that, hmmmmmmmm!

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Mindy said...

Kim, I have to respond. You crack me up. I did the same thing at Ricks but with "PRIVATE" voice lessons. Who knew there was going to be a required "LAB" full of voice majors that I would have to take my turn singing to every month, GAH!!

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
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Isabelle the Ballerina
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