Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some peoples children SUCK! (That's as lady like as I can be!)

This weekend was fabulous! Friday we spent time at McCosh watching the dancers, then eating ridiculously expensive carnival food, followed by an adequately entertaining lip sync.

Saturday started out with some serious overdue yard work, then down to the 3v3 courts, through the Classic Car Show for some serious offending of the 8th commandment and back to the carnival for some more ridiculously expensive carnival food. I had a Gyro. Of course the night ended with the annual Moonlight Parade. (More like an advertisement parade, but that's another blog)

Sunday morning brought church which is often a relief after an especially crazy weekend followed by a scrumptious BBQ at our house with my family, sans Mother as she has a nasty cold. I made an addictive Basil Tomatoe Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, yum! And the cousins wore themselves out completely! A sure sign of a successful family function.

Monday morning arrived way too early but my little cubscouts, the Wolves, were in charge of the Flag ceremony at the ward Memorial Day breakfast. We had been practicing for 2 weeks. I was sure we were going to do something wrong and offend every Veteran and Serviceman there. But I think it went off without a hitch and the boys were complimented mightily so I breathed a huge sigh of relief and enjoyed a yummy, cooked by somebody else, pancake, sausage and egg breakfast.
Home we went to get ready for Trent's family's annual picture at Grandpa Dodgen's graveside and then off to the park for the final "Food Function" of the weekend, when . . . .

Here is where I would like to get on my soap box and rant and rave about how this society is seriously lacking in anything resembling morals and ethics. Where everyone should have a copy of the Proclamation to the World in their home and the dads need to step it up and be men and teach their sons what it really means to be a man.


This was the give away. The basket that holds our XBOX and Wii remotes, games etc. Notice to the left the empty hole where our videos are kept? They stole our new release videos including Twilight and Phantom of the Opera. Jerks! The left however, all the Living Scripture videos. Those they should have taken!

Next we moved through the house and discovered they broke in through mine and Trent's bedroom window that was cracked open slightly.

This is the grody footprints on the sheets of my bed.

They stole perfume and cologne. Knives that were Trent's dad and grandpa's. My jewelry which is mostly department store jewelry, but my YW medalion and my promise ring from Trent was with that jewelry. They stole Isabelle's money and the girls jewelry and went through Brennans room but didn't take anything. Luckily they didn't see the DS under his bed.

They used my pillow cases to take our things!
Below is the outside of my window covered with finger print dust.
This is my headboard covered with finger print dust.

Yes, finger print dust. And did we find finger prints? Yes we did, but even better than that (dummies) we are pretty sure we saw them walking past our house before we left and even better (dummies) London knows who they are and showed their pictures from the yearbook to the police and even better than that, the neighbor boy saw the same kids (dummies) running from our house while we were gone. And even stupider they live on our street. Shall I say DUMMIES one more time? DUMMIES! Oh, and lest I forget, one of the dummies just got out of jail so I'm hoping that it's his fingerprints all over MY stuff.
But, we are safe and most everything is replaceable.


Lori said...

Oh I don't blame you for being so MAD!!!! What's with some people.....

DJ and Melissa said...

You know, the one nice thing about stupid people is they don't get very far in life. Hopefully they can get your stuff back, and hopefully they've already done something about it.

Danielle said...

Holy Cow! I am so sorry! Sounds like you have a good chance of getting your stuff back? Do a follow up post and let us know!

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London playing soccer
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