Monday, November 17, 2008

Help me decide, People!!!

Okay, so this is the big week. Twilight the movie opens this weekend. I will say upfront that I'm not expecting to LOVE it. I am expecting to like it, but as many of you have probably experienced before, the movie never does justice to the book. And in case you haven't gathered from previous blogs I have an intimate relationship with the characters in this book and since 90% of the characters in this book "superhuman" or vampires for pete's sake, how does an ordinary human play this part. I do not know.
Now to the dilemma. Stacey, my sister, has invited myself, my other sister and a friend Wednesday to the midnight showing for employees at the theatre she works at. This means I will get to see it 24 hours before all of the rest of you ;) So I am supposed to drive to Pullman (2.5 hours) to watch a movie at midnight sleep a few hours and drive home where I have to work as a "lube tech" (hee, hee) to then attend a relief society dinner and preside over a PTA meeting. The 38 year old PTA president mom in me says "ARE YOU CRAZY?????" The 18 year old social butterfly says "GO FOR IT, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!".
Now, I have been invited to attend Friday night with some friends here in town, which will be fun as well and to be honest I will probably go Friday even if I go to Pullman.
So, tell me what you think. Cast your vote for the 38 year old Kim or the 18 year old Kim.


Rippys #5 said...

It will be lots of fun here. I am thinking of making T-shirts. Plus all you can eat popcorn and drinks, and we will even splurge and get lots of chocolate somethings goodies.

DJ and Melissa said...

18 4*Ever!!

p.s. Stace- Oh man, make the T-shirts. I'll pay you back for mine.

Danielle said...

I hope you don't mind me chiming in, Kim! But speaking as a fellow 38-year old, I understand your conundrom! However, here is my advice. Go as a 38 year old...enjoy yourself as an 18 year old...feel giddy like an 18 year later by feeling like a 38 year old!

Lori said...

She got me on the lots of popcorn and drinks and then the chocolate. 100 percent go with the 18 year old KIM. Thoses times get fewer and far between!!!

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