Sunday, January 11, 2009


I did not graduate from Moses Lake High School, in fact, I had finished my 2nd year of college before we moved here. I actually graduated from Ellensburg HS. But, EHS holds little fondness for me, at this point in time, it is the school I happened to be attending when I graduated high school. (One nice thing about EHS was being on the drill team and being a captain my senior year).
By the time I did graduate, I had attended 9 schools including 2 high schools.
My elementary career started in Canada where I attended through 2nd grade, then to Provo for 3rd. Fourth and part of 5th were in Eugene, OR some of the rest of 5th was in Corvallis, OR. Sixth grade was back to Eugene, 7th was also in Eugene, but in a different school district than the one that 4th, 5th and 6th had been. Eighth grade was same school district but different middle school and 9th and 1/2 of 10th was at Willamette High School. This is when we moved to Ellensburg and I finished out high school.
It was hard but for the necessary good. My dad had bravely gone to school with 5 kids under age 8 and finished a bachelors degree in 2 1/2 years (Go Dad!). So all these moves were either school or job related.
For me now, I have lived in Moses Lake for 18 years, and as Trent intends to keep on farming, we will be here for the forseeable (is that a word) future. Which is just fine by me. I really do like Moses Lake, I love that Trent farms and more than anything I LOVE that my kids will grow up here and go to school with the same kids they were drooling with in nursery.
So I really love going to the games, (we mostly go to girls basketball since London plays basketball for Chief Mo), and cheering on the team. I love listening the band and watching the Tribe and seeing friends and feeling that feeling that can only be describe as "school spirit".
Trent just rolls his eyes at me (he's not a real sports fan), but I considered Moses Lake High School my adopted high school.



We adopt you Kim! Consider yourself part of the family! I went to Garden Heights, Cheif Moses and MLHS. I agree that farming provide a wonderful base to raise our children. Would do it all over again!!!

Sara McConkie said...

I too am a transplant to ML and it feels like a second home to me. One of the greatest things about ML is that the population of LDS kids/ families is so high that my kids have many friends with the same values. It is also nice because there are eyes everywhere and I do find out what my kids do when they are not within eye shot of mom and dad.

Kathy said...

I am a transplant too, and we moved here in time to raise our family here. We arn't farmers but this community has farming values which I love. I loved having a community of friends to help me raise my family. MLHS is part of that community, GO CHEIFS!

Just Asking ... said...

I will keep my mouth shut. This was a good place to a lot of people and I am glad for that.

London playing soccer

London playing soccer
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Isabelle the Ballerina
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